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INDCHEM is the Sole Selling Agent for Shoe Finishing Chemicals of IEXI – Italy. IEXI is operational since 1954 producing finishing chemicals for Leather. Their wide range includes more than 50 different products suitable for different types of leather and various applications.  Leather creams and dressings, dubbbins, oils, leather softeners, suede leather renewers and cleaners, colouring agents, sole care products, waxes and accessories are some of their fast moving products.

Besides supplying these products to the customers, our technicians provide expert advice and training to enable the users to get the best results. Customers can also be benefited by our ‘requirement based development’ by our technicians for certain articles.

In the entire range, MELTONIAN SHOE CREAM P/1 which was first introduced by IEXI in the Italian Shoe Industry in 1954 and which shortly became inevitable in the shoe industry all over the world, finds special reference.

Since then, IEXI has had the world wide exclusive distribution of this brand in industrial formats. It becomes important to highlight that IEXI can still supply the original formula for MELTONIAN SHOE CREAM P/1 which has made the Italian finish famous.

Shoe Cream P/1 
Gives a very natural look and shine for shoes. Also used as a Base Coat before Heating. Ideal for Finishing, Aniline and Semi Aniline Leather Shoes.
Shoe Cream P/1 S
An improved version of Shoe Cream P/1. Gives a natural look and extra shine than P/1. Ideal for Aniline, Semi Aniline and Corrected Grain Leather Shoe for medium gloss.
Splendida P/9 
Gives a good coverage and uniform colour effect. After polishing with Abrasive and Polish Wax, gives a bright shine. Recommended for Corrected Grain Leather Shoes.
Splendida 20 
Especially recommended for Cow or Buff Burnish Leather Shoes. Gives a very high shine (Not Plastic look) after brushing with Abrasive and Polish Waxes.
J.W Filler 
Liquid Filler to be sprayed on Leather. Also gives a good coverage on the minor defects of the Leather.
Perfecta Liquid 
Liquid Top Finish. After applying with J.W Filler, Perfecta Liquid can be sprayed to give a good gloss.
Supremo BR 
After giving a Base Coat of Shoe Cream of P/1 or JW Filler, Supremo-BR can be sprayed or applied by hand with sea sponge and after polishing with Polish Wax, this gives a rich and high shine.
Anil Kristal 
Top finish which can be sprayed or applied by hand with sea sponge. Goes well with Aniline and Semi Aniline leathers to get more depth on the Leather apart from a very natural shine.
Allied Products 

Abrasive Wax - Marmo BN is specifically recommended to get more shine and natural  sheen on the leather.

Polish Wax - Penetrex 77. Little use of this wax for final polish will help to get a natural and bright shine on the shoes. This will not give white flakings on the shoe foldings.

Brushes for Shoe Finishing - Horse hair, Cotton, Woolen, Convergenti (for edge cleaning) and other special brushes.

Crayon Sticks and Nubuk sticks - for repairing grain and nubuk leathers.

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