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Aside from its complete infrastructure, technological competence and a thoroughly professional team, it is the power of collaboration that brings a decisive dimension to the company.Indchem offers the best products to the leather industry through its alliances with companies of international renown.
BASF – A Brilliant Bond
Dyes and Chemicals for Leather Tanning 

The largest distributors of leather chemicals from BASF India, Indchem complements the highest standards of the world leaders by providing reliable and timely support to its customers through its Technical Service Labs at the various leather processing centres.
What’s more, Indchem has the capability to develop leather specific to customer’s requirements.
In its own operations, Indchem mirrors BASF’s commitment to quality, technological innovation and environmental safety.

IEXI, Italy – A Fine Association
Shoe Finishing Chemicals 

Indchem is the sole selling agent for the IEXI range of products including the famous Meltonian
Shoe Cream P/1.
Indchem technicians provide consultancy and training to customers to help them get the best results.
Indchem also offers products on a requirement-based development program.

Awuko – A Refined Relationship
Buffing and Polishing Papers 
Indchem brings to the leather industry the well-known Awuko range of high-quality and high-performance buffing papers suitable for the production of suedes, velours and nubuks, and also polishing papers.
Other Connections 
Industria Chemica, Italy 
Indchem functions as stockists for their Toe Puffs and Counter Stiffeners.
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