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INDCHEM possesses the ENCAD Novajet Pro 600e Printer with facilities to print upto 60 inches width x 330 feet length. The main advantage with this printer is that it has a resolution of 600 dpi as against the 300 dpi resolution normally available and it is free from the tiling problem which usually occurs with prints of 5 feet width. The prints are in various media viz. Novajet Photoglossy Paper, Novajet Backlit Film (Reverse printing), Novajet Vinyl and Novajet Canvass. Medias used are superior quality medias sourced from Technova Imaging Systems Limited, Mumbai. Printing of posters, business presentations, point of sale displays, large banners, outdoor signages and indoor displays in different medias are dealt with here.
Mihir Dye Chem (P) Ltd, another venture of the INDCHEM group is the Sole Distributors for Printing media from Technova Imaging Systems, Mumbai, Modi Xerox and Hindustamn Inks. Technova Imaging Systems having one of the largest product profiles for the Printing and Film Industry actively caters to the requirements for Polyester Plates, Inkjet Medias, Engineering Mart Films, Reproducing Tracing Films and Duplicate Films. INDCHEM being the distributors for Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Uttar Pradesh has an extensive dealer network and well trained staffs at Chennai, Cochin and Kanpur to cater to the dealer requirements. On-site discussions with the dealers as well as end-users bridge the gap and problems if any are looked into with immediate priorityTechnicians from Technova as well. as those from
INDCHEM work in tandem to achieve maximum output. Spacious godowns and good inventory helps serve customer’s requirements at any stage. Apart from Technova, INDCHEM also is a distributor for MODI XEROX print medias as well as transparencies. Catering mostly to the Printing Industry, this division also deals in Printing Inks for the Printing Industry. Of late, negotiations for our new diversification of matching colours suited to the requirements of customers in the printing industry is under way.

MIHIR CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD. founded in 1981 and located in Thane, Mumbai is one of Leading Manufacturers of Optical Brightening Agent for polyester fibers and its blends in India. The Plant occupies 1/2 acre of area.

From 1982, MIHIR CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD. has been manufacturing low temperature optical whitening agent for polyester fibers and it blends, being the first manufacturer in the country to offer import substitute. Since then Mihir Chemical Industries Pvt. Ltd. has been a market leader and is currently commanding over 60% of market share in India. The Quality of the product has been maintained which undergoes critical and stringent quality controls before any material is released to the customer. We have the state of the art

laboratory with all the latest equipment's for testing its raw materials and finishing products. To strengthen is manufacturing activities further, Mihir Chemical Industries Pvt. Ltd. set up a backward integration plant at Mahad, which is situated 120 kms. from Mumbai in one of the best Industrial zones. The factory also has Ultra Modern Effluent treatment Plant.During 1998-99, Mihir Chemical Industries Pvt. Ltd. started exporting Optical Whitening Agent and its raw materials to European Countries, Far East and its products are being sold to leading European Brands.Today Mihir Chemical Industries Pvt. Ltd., is exporting about 20% of its production, and has an overwhelming response from all its market, For this we are expanding our production output three times the current by September 2004.



By and large it can be said that INDCHEM has come a long way in the Leather Industry in its journey of more than five decades. We are holding a consistent market share in the industry and are always on the lookout for new venues and openings. Starting off with the Leather Industry, not only have we strengthened ourselves in the Leather Industry with various levels of applications, we have diversified our activities to the Printing and Stationery Industry. Negotiations are on for new ventures which can further strengthen our base.

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