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The buffing of leather has not lost its importance in modern leather manufacture. On the contrary, for buffing the surface of leather for the production of suedes box, velours or nubuk leather the right choice of buffing paper is quite special importance.

The firm Wandmacher GmbH & Co. AWUKO - Schleifittelwerk KG has been a well-known name for may decades in the production of suitable buffing and polishing paper for the manufacturing industry. As in the past, a high-quality range is offered to suit all known buffing machine types.
Buffing Paper
1. AWUKO KP - 43 E

Hid glue bond, aluminium oxide abrasive. Our standard quality for  upper leather buffing. The quality is available in the grain sizes :

P 1500, 1200, 1000, 900, P 800, P 600, P 320, P 280, P 240, P 220, P 180, P 150, P 120, P 100.

A fine uniform finish is obtained with this quality.

2 AWUKO KP -80 E

Resinoid bond, aluminium oxide abrasive. Specially recommended for buffing damp leathers in the grain sizes P220, P 180, P 150, P 120 and for buffing leathers in countries where there is high humidity. Furthermore this quality has proved sucessful where leathers are deep ground. This quality is available in the grain sizes :

P 800, P 600, P 500, P 400, P 360, P 320, P 280, P 240, P 220, P 180, P 150, P 120, P 100, P 80, P 60.

3. AWUKO KP-20 F

This quality combines a synthetic resin bonded aluminium oxide grain with a very stron paper backing and a thick synthetic resin base coat. Each individual grain is embedded more deeply into the bonding agent which results in less agressive sanding. A quality we particularly recommend for endless abrasive belts and for the finishig of oily leather.

Available in grain sizes P 400, P 320, P 280, P 240, P 220, P 180, P 150, P 120.

AWUKO buffing papers are available in all the customary dimensions, i.e. in the the form of rolls, endless wide belts, ready - cut sheets, for cylinder and belt buffing machines.

Different conditions are found in every tanner owing to the different raw material and the various recipes and according to how the buffing is done and on what machnes. In the light of our experience we would make the following non-binding recommendations

Buffing of suedes neat's leather : For rough buffing grain sizes P 320, P 280; Finish buffing with grain P 500, P 400.

Buffing of split leathers: Grain sizes P 280, P 22, P 120 are mostly used.

Buffing of velours and bubuk leathers : For these leather types the fine graiin sizes P 600-P 400 are used.

Finish grinding and buffing of impregnated leathers : Where a light buffing of the impregnated grain surface is mainly used.

For buffing of skins, e.g. for velours, we recommend the grain sizes P 240-P220.

For high-performance buffing machiens it is important to keep the down times for buffing paper changes to a minimum. AWUKO papers satisfy these requirements and possess long life combined with uniform finish.

A uniformly ground grain surface has an important influence for the subsequent dressing and for the quality of the finished leather. In the case of velours or nubuk leathers a uniform final appearance of the leathers, which is alos determined by the buffing, is important for the range.

High - quality aniline leathers, e.g., are machine polished after appliaction of a polishing impregnation in order to improve the feel, smoothness and gloss of the grain. Such an effect cannot be achieved for instance with the customary ironing.

For polishing there is the following possibility :
AWUKO OK 96 L - Polishing possibility
Cotton fabric on sodium kraft paper.
This polishing material, too, is available in all the customary dimensions for cylinder and belt buffing machines.
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